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  • Injection and Extrusion feedscrews made new to OEM specifications
  • Any make or model feedscrew with Colmonoy 83, Colmonoy 56 or nitrided flights
  • Tool Steel feedscrews

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FeedScrew Rebuilding

TIR can rebuild your feedscrew back to OEM specification using:

  • Colmonoy #83 tungsten carbide hard-surfacing for greater wear resistance
  • Colmonoy #56 for standard processing and industrial hard chrome to protect the sides of the flights and the root diameter of the feedscrew
  • Industrial hard chrome to protect the root diameter and sides of the feedscrew flight from normal wear and corrosive conditions
  • Encapsulation of the root diameter and sides of the feedscrew flight with N-50 or tungsten carbide for high wear processing




TIR feedscrews can be designed to optimize your extrusion or injection molding process.  From blown film to sheet extrusion, TIR can design and manufacture a custom feedscrew that will result in greater productivity for you.